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About the Leave Your Legacy Challenges:

In 2011, I ran a year-long challenge, encouraging my blogfriends to begin (or continue) scrapping about themselves, to leave memories behind for future generations.  I approached my editor, Jackie, at Canadian Scrapbooker magazine with the idea of a Leave Your Legacy column and she liked it!  The inaugural article debuted in the Fall 2012 issue.

The idea of “Leave Your Legacy” first came about in 2007 when I was sorting through some vintage photos of my parents. I realized that while I knew most of the standard information about the images, the profound information about my parents and relatives was missing - information that would give me a glimpse of what they had been like when they were younger.

To me, scrapbooking is, of course, a means of artistic expression, but more than that, it is a way to leave a little piece of history for future generations in each layout. And so, it amazed me, in talking with friends who scrapbook, to learn just how seldom they scrapbook about themselves. All of these incredible people, and their families may not really know anything personal about them: their hopes, dreams, habits, likes, dislikes, fears and accomplishments.

In each issue, I will provide prompts to encourage you to complete more pages about you, so that you can “leave your legacy” for your family and future generations.  I'd love for our readers to share them with us, so please add yours to the appropriate post, following the links below.  As each issue is released, I will put together a yummy little prize and will draw a winner from participants in the prior issue's challenge (i.e. On Dec 1, 2012, I will draw a winner from those who added links to their Amazing You layouts from the Fall 2012 issue).

First, a few guidelines... When linking your layout, please remember the following:
Link it to:  This should be a link to your layout on your blog or in an online gallery, not to my website.  I need to be able to see your layout so that you can be entered into the draw!
Caption or Title:  Please put your name here, instead of your layout title.
Email address:  Please include your email address so I can contact you if you win!  Your email is not shared with Inlinkz - I am the only person who can see it.  And your privacy is important to me so I will only use it to contact you in relation to these challenges.
Congratulations on Leaving Your Legacy!

For a complete list of challenges, please visit my LYL Challenges page.

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