Friday, June 23, 2006

Oops! Time flies...

When you're up to your ears in paperwork!

I can't believe that it's been five days since I last had a chance to update. Not that I think everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats for my pearly words of wisdom! But I had hoped to use this blog as a journal of sorts... guess my life hasn't been all that interesting lately :(

This month's been crazy for me at work, and it's starting to stress me out... I just can't wait for this last inventory to be done and over with, because then we are heading to Musselman Lake to spend the long weekend with my dear, dear friend, Kat and her family! I am soooo looking forward to some R&R, great food (you are an awesome cook, my friend!) and some good clean wholesome fun!! There will be TONS of activities to keep the kids occupied, and Aili will be in her glory, lording over all three boys, I'm sure... :)

I love the fact that our families mesh together so well! Connor and her eldest son, Ethan, are the same age and love all the same things (don't all six year olds?!?). And Evan - well, he can melt my heart with his sweet smile! I'm bringing my 2GB, 1GB, 512MB and 256MB cards for my Nikon... that should last me through five or six days, shouldn't it?!?

Speaking of which, I downloaded photos from today - Aili and I went to the park that we just discovered in our subdivision!! There were plans to build one, but I hadn't heard that they had finished! As soon as the wagon turned the corner and the playground came into view, she began to chant... 'Lide! 'Lide! 'Lide! Of course I don't have any photos of her on the slide, because I was too busy chasing that little monkey all over the equipment! That girl has NO FEAR!!! I did take this photo of her on the swing though (she was contained in the baby seat so it was safe for me to venture a photo!) :

I was experimenting with the manual focus on my 70-300mm lens, which, when shooting at a f-stop of 4.5, has an EXTREMELY short depth of field, which sadly you can tell, as the swing is more in focus than she is! But I love the expression of pure unadulterated GLEE on her face as we played... and besides, it's the only way to learn, right?!?


  1. Sue, that picture of her is wonderful! I love the look on her face. I can see just how much fun she was having.

    Hope you and Kat have a wonderful holiday with your kids! Sounds like fun and I can't wait to see the photos when you get back!

  2. Oh it'll be so nice to relax on your holidays.

    What fun Aili is having. I should take the camera too the park too.

  3. The photo of Aili is awesome!!! She is SO CUTE!!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!!!! You deserve some R & R!

  4. I LOVE that photo!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you either my friend!!!!!


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