Friday, June 30, 2006

Vacation plans derailed

Unfortunately, our vacation plans to head up to our friends' trailer have been postponed. Katrina has been fighting a terrible 'flu for the past four days and it shows no signs of mercy! Big hugs, my friend!! I know how yucky you feel and wish you a speedy recovery!

So, once we decided that it would be better to reschedule, Gary and I were at a loss. What do we do with ourselves, with EIGHT days (for him, TWELVE for me!! :D) looming in front of us?!? Well, a road trip is definitely in order! However, being the holiday weekend, all campsites are already booked. So where to go?!?

Well, we found a hotel/pass package for African Lion Safari for only $159.99! Includes one night accomodations, breakfast, park passes and goodies for the kids! I'm looking forward to taking some awesome shots with my zoom lens... African Lion Safari also has a water park and jungle gym area so we should be good to go for the whole day!! We're going to take the bus tour (so as to save our leased vehicle from the wrath of the frenzied monkeys!). I'm hoping that, because we're going during the week, it will be less busy!

Plus, it's in Cambridge, which happens to be 1) an outlet shoppers' haven and 2) a location of Henry's, my favourite camera store... :D


  1. Sorry to hear that your plans changed, but it sounds like you were able to change it up a little and get ready for some real fun! Hope that you enjoy it, even if it wasn't what you had originally planned to do! Have fun Sue! I'll miss your face for the next little while!

  2. Oh, too bad about not being able to hook up with Katrina! Hopefully you can do that very soon. Have fun at the Safari - can't wait to see your pictures. Go wild with that camera!!

  3. Too bad you didn't get to hook up with Kat but fun fun with the African Lions Safari.


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