Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Canada Day!!

Well, technically, I'm an hour late, so Happy Belated Birthday, Canada!

We had a great day today. Once we realized that we would be in town for my birthday, Gary called up my family and organized an impromptu birthday party at my sister's pool. We all swam, bbq'd and generally enjoyed each other's company, as we always do.

I took out my zoom lens and went to work! Got some great shots today. Here's a few:

Connor, getting a lift from Dad:

Aili and her adorable inner tube/tshirt! This is a Godsend around the pool! Especially for a little Miss Diva who LOVES the water!

My beautiful niece, Sarah - takes after her aunt, you know... ;) LOL!

My crazy nephew, Cory - I'm sure he gets that from the "other" side of the family... ;)

Aili (and her shoe fetish) in all their glory...

This sums up what we all felt like at the end of a hard day's play:

One photo opportunity that I missed - Connor learned how to dive today! Unfortunately, I was the one teaching and no one else thought to get the camera! :( It cost me $3.00, though... that boy drives a hard bargain! LOL! Money can be a highly motivating factor with him, I have found... I may just need to take out a second mortgage though - his negotiating skills are impressive! :)

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  1. Happiest of birthdays to you Sue!!! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful party at your sisters house! I loved all the photos! I love that Aili has a shoe fetish!!! She is a very clever little girl!
    Hope you have a wonderful day and get absolutely spoiled!

  2. Happy birthday girlie!!! you have a lovely fammily!

  3. Those are amazing action shots! Glad to hear you guys had such a good time. And Happy Birthday!

  4. Sweet, sweet photos!!!! You ROCK! Now I wish we had a pool!

  5. Oh you better watch your wallet wtih that one. An accountants son for sure.

    I love those photos, especially Aili with those flip flops.


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