Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wanna sneak peek...

from my Friday photo shoot session? This family (four siblings and their families) were just all so gorgeous and fun! In less than 2 hours, I managed to take 200 photos!! The trouble comes in trying to choose only 50 proofs!!

Here's a glimpse of why I'm going to have trouble... :)

Little Miss M, who kept me running, was still as adorable as can be!

As you can see, taking photos was the last thing these boys wanted to do! :)

Pretty Miss M, as lovely as can be... but she comes by it honestly....

Here she is with Mom! A former pharmacist at my store, she moved to Texas several years ago and I miss her at the Lake!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Little miss M and her pigtails. TOO cute! Awesome photos!

  2. gorgeous pics Sue, you should be advertising if your not already!!!

  3. You totally need to quit your "day" job and do this full time!!! Beautiful pictures!!! Just beautiful!!

  4. Those look great!! What kind of camera and lenses do you use for your shoots, Sue?

  5. Wow, GORGEOUS work, Sue!!!! Did you get your new lens for the shoot?

  6. Melissa, I use my Nikon D70 and on this shoot, I switched between my 18-70mm lens and my 70-300mm lens, depending on how far away the family was from me!

    Heather, I haven't got my new lens yet :( Hopefully by the end of this month...



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