Thursday, August 24, 2006

Changing the world...

one pink Smartie at a time!

My friends at Scraptivity, Patti and Elia, found this unique pink Smartie in their box of deliciously Canadian candies.

Being the kind, generous, FUNNY girls that I know and love, they decided that if a woman can sell her toast with the hallowed image of the Virgin Mary for profit, then they could do their part in helping to find a cure for breast cancer.

They started an E-bay auction, with all proceeds to go to Breast Cancer research! How unbelievably unselfish is that?!? Please go and bid on the little pink smartie - it'll be sure to bring a smile to your face! Post here with your bid(s), and I will draw a name for a RAK when the bidding is over! Be forewarned, however... it seems that Kimmie has her heart set on it! ;)

Thanks for helping to find a cure!!

By the way... the title line comes from my aforementioned hilarious friend, Patti... :D


  1. my heart is totally set on it, it's a great cause!!! that smartie knows it's smiling for a reason!!!

  2. What a great cause. Who couldn't resist a pink smilie face.


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