Friday, October 27, 2006

Ribbon Rak Attack!!

In an effort to prepare for a big night of scrapbooking on Friday while Gary has poker night here, I cleaned my studio and can finally see my desk again!!

I have also come to the sad realization that I have WAY too much ribbon. More than one woman can use in a lifetime. Or at least, this woman!

So it is time for a RAK (Random Act of Kindness, for those of you who do not frequent a message board!)! Leave me a comment (with your first name, if you are posting anonymously) and I will randomly draw a winner on Sunday night. Feel free to also leave any suggestions for ribbon uses to help me use up my stash! (not required, but gladly appreciated!) Hopefully, this will encourage all of the 'lurkers' to come out and leave me a message! ;)

The winner will receive a big bag o' ribbons! Come out and play!


  1. Ohhhh a ribbon rak. I just finished altering a notebook and used ribbon all along the spine. A great way to use left over paper and lots of ribbon especially small pieces.

  2. Always up for more ribbon! I used some ribbon last year and filled glass Christmas balls, they turned out very pretty.

  3. I'm another one who loves ribbon! Like you, Sue, I have waaaaay too much of that! Have fun with your scrapbooking night!

  4. Hmm... I don't have many ideas - HAHA just storage ideas?

  5. tennisgirl27 here....

    Here's my suggestions: can make flowers out of the ribbon by creating large loops and then use a button or similar embellishment in the center.

    2.use it as the stems on stamped flowers

    3. Embellish your chipboard with it: cover your chipboard letters with it (wrap it around) or tie a peice around the letter with a charm hanging off it.

    4. Make a christmas tree out or ornaments of it (take a styrofoam shape and pin the ribbon onto it in loops or wrap it.

    5. Make a ribbon border for scrapbook pages by creating a woven pattern.

  6. I don't want the ribbon!!!!!!

    Just letting you know I'm alive!

  7. Now that you have courrupted me and my husband is itching to build me that ribbon rack, I think i NEED it. :)
    I can't wait for next weekend, so much scrapbooking to do, oh and the wedding of course.

  8. Hi Sue, had to come and see your blog and I've now got it in my favs :)

    I like to use ribbon on as many layouts as I can, but I see tons of people using it on altered projects like books and such, I also said that what I don't use, if I had a girl, I would make barettes or stick them in her hair. Now I have no girls, so I would have to find somebody that has em lol.

    Love your work, glad to come and visit your blog :)

    Oh and my dh used to play poker on Friday nights as well!

  9. Jen has some great ideas there. I am trying to think of ways to use the enormous amount of ribbon I have. I will have to jot these tips down myself.

  10. Hey Sue.. picked your new LO as pic of the day on SSZ.. so much talent..
    Love Love ove ribbon.. use it in almost any LO or card.
    Pick me! Pick me!!!!
    Love your blog.. great incentive to come for a visit..
    Take care..
    Dorrie (fam of 7)

  11. Love your blog! As for the question of what to do with all that extra about making "pp" with strips of corrdinating ribbon. You could use it to back a photo or title.

  12. I saw the cutest idea on how to use up ribbon! It's for altered letters.. paint the letter your chosen colour and then you tie ribbon from top to bottom on every crevice on the wooden letter.. looks *SO* cute!! ~C. (moralia)

  13. my name is Liane. I'm on Scrapshotz (princessscrapbook). I don't think it's ever possible to have too much ribbon, so I'm all over the ribbon RAK.

    Thanks a bunch for posting this!

  14. Hi!! It's Chelsea from SSZ (chelseabun)... and I also don't think it's possible to ever have too much, but who am I to judge. ROFL! RAK AWAY BABY!!!! Your layouts rock, I'm glad you joined our board and can't wait to see more from you in the future!

  15. I love ribbon and am also a believer in never have too much :) I would love to be in the draw for the RAK... thank you for being so generous!

  16. Kimberly (pierides)October 27, 2006 10:19 pm

    How bands, hair accessories for Aili, embellishing picture frames or matts, picking a few of your favourites and framing them so you can just enjoy looking at them, or trimming the bottom of curtains or lamp shades.

  17. Michelle (aka) Michy on SSZOctober 28, 2006 8:43 am

    mmmm ribbon!!! I love ribbon ... I always make cards that have flaps on the front to open ... just i can use ribbon on them!!!

  18. This is so very kind and thoughtful!!

    I LOVVVEEEEe Ribbon!
    (Dawson Creek Girl)

  19. A girl can always use more ribbon!!! :wink: :smile:
    Sheri aka tadah from SSZ!!! Thank you

  20. OK my first time actually leaving a comment - how desperate I am for ribbon Judy

  21. I am a ribbon junkie!!!! Can't seem to leave M's without buying at least a few spools. I think I am more of a collector though...I don't seem to use it all that much.

  22. Hi Sue, beautiful blog you have!!!

    I always use ribbons, can't seem to make a card without adding ribbon to it. I also alter journals and add ribbons to the coil!!!


  23. Oh Sue, you can never have too much ribbon :)

    I will dig for a link I had to make taggies (blankets) with them...with all the babies coming that would be one way to use it up.

  24. Hi Sue!!! I love your photography help at Scraptivity...I'm always reading up on the different techniques you use :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Danielle :)

  25. Hi Sue....Please add me to your list for the draw. I love the look of ribbon all around a picture, ya know the look when you have pieces of ribbon coming out all around the picture...I think this sis a great way to use up small pieces.

    Chantel (luv2scrap)


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