Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another week has gone by...

and I haven't blogged since last Sunday!

Lots of news this week...

We took Aili to see Dr. Lyttle, the pediatric respirologist from London. Luckily (?), Aili has started coughing the day before so he was able to get the symptoms firsthand! The good news is that he ruled out allergies and cystic fibrosis (Lord, I didn't even THINK of that!). The bad news is that he's confirmed that she has viral asthma. Which means that every time she has a cold, she will probably end up hospitalized if we continue as we are doing.

However, he has educated us in the management of it and has recommended that we keep her on her Flovent puffer from September through to June (cold/school-when-they-catch-everything season) for maintenance. We also learned that it's okay to give her Ventolin more that we had been. We were afraid of overusing it, as the instructions were "2 puffs every four hours as needed". Dr. Lyttle said that we can give her two puffs every 15 minutes! He did also give us a prescription for Predisolone, which is a stronger steroid. At first, we declined, as I was leary of administering that without a doctor's evaluation. He, however, told us that he wished we would take the Rx as in the next two days, it would probably warrant a hospital visit. We acquiesed and sure enough, her breathing turned worse that evening!

As we were late coming out the appointment (it was at 2:45pm and we didn't see the doctor until 4:15pm!), we rushed to get Connor from daycare before they closed and planned to get the Rx in the morning. After a hard night with little sleep for anyone, I had Shoppers Drug Mart rush it over ASAP (their driver didn't start until 1pm!) and it was amazing the difference just ONE dose made!

She's doing much better now, despite the runny nose and chesty cough. {sigh} I guess it's going to be a long four or five years until she outgrows it...

In other news... :)

We have begun preparations for our big yard sale at the end of April. What precipitated this, you ask? Well, I received my first shipment on Friday realized that I do not have a work/storage space for all of my Just Cre8 stuff! So we hauled everything out of the storage area and started sorting. The basement looks like a bomb went off!! We had over ten Rubbermaid totes filled with clothes that the kids have outgrown! Actually, mostly Aili's clothes as I had given most of Connor's clothes to a friend who had a little boy, after having two girls! She, in turn, gave me all of the girls' clothes!

As luck would have it, my cousin, Margaret, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Shannon. So I packed up most of Aili's baby clothes, save a few keepsakes, into three garbage bags and will drop them off to her today. Ah, I feel about.... 50 lbs lighter!! I managed to empty six totes in the process!

And through the wonder of modern technology, we have compressed the keepsakes for each child into a small bag!! We bought these spacesaver bags (yes, as seen on TV!) from Costco - work like a charm!! I fit two pairs of shoes and about 15 outfits in a medium size bag and it's roughly 12x15x3 high! I can't wait to scrunch everything into those things!!

So now I have an empty storage area, just waiting for some IKEA shelves to hold everything! I'm very excited!! (And JUST wait until you see the first kit!!)

Whew! That was long-windedIf you're still reading - thank you!!


  1. **hugs** for your girlie. hope it all works out. If i lived closer, i'm sure i could relieve you of any girlie clothes you had left :)

    sp pleased for you and the just cre8 venture. hope it rocks!!

  2. I am sorry to hear about Aili. Ethan has the same thing. He is doing MUCH MUCH better now. He was diagnosed at 2 1/2 yrs old with viral asthma. Now, 5 years later, we rarely use a puffer for anything. It will get better. Endure my friend!!

    Can't wait to see the first kit!! Soooo excited for you!!


  3. So sorry to hear about your little sweetie. That's really tough. I am very excited for you about cre8. That rocks and I cannot WAIT to see your first kit. Congrats again - I know you will be a success.

  4. Sorry to hear about your little one. My little guy was diagnosed with the same thing back when he was a toddler. Great news is since moving west and possibly him growing up he hardly ever needs it anymore - just when a real bad cold hits. Glad to hear you are feeling 'better in control'.:)

    Can't wait to hear more about the new kit!!:)

  5. Oh Sue, so sorry to hear that Aili was ill again, atleast you have some answers and now some good medication. As the others have mentioned she will outgrow this and then things will look much better for you all.

    Totally excited about the launch of Just Cre8 and can't wait to see the new kits.... woo hoo!!!!

  6. Oh, I'm glad the doctor had some advice and wisdom for you. I wish I could come help with the boxes - you must be so busy but so excited!! I can hardly wait to see your kit! My very best wishes for tons of success!!!!

  7. So glad to hear the new medicine is working so well!!

    And you're such a big tease! I want that kit yesterday!!

  8. I'm so glad that you've been able to get some concrete answers for Aili's condition....I'm sure it's a relief to have the proper treatments at hand so that she's not in such distress.

    WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Just Cre8!!! Can't wait for the kit!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Good to know your getting answers for Aili's medical issues. I know's it's been rough.

    I so understand what you mean on the garage sale but I don't have kits coming in my house. Hope the garage sale goes well.


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