Monday, May 14, 2007


beyond belief!!

If you have visited Just Cre8 in the last few days, you know why... We have had database issues with our service provider for a while now, and while they assured us a few weeks ago that it was fixed, it is apparent that they have not.

And so now, on the eve of my June kit's reveal, I have been unable to get onto the site, both Just Cre8 and the host provider's main site (where I check my email!) since about noon today.

Frustrated doesn't cover it!

We made the decision to switch providers a few days ago, but while that has not been without headaches either, we are confident that it will be a wise decision.

And so, if you are trying to access Just Cre8, please accept my deepest apologies! I know that it has been a huge pain and I thank you for your continued patience!

If there is still a problem accessing the site tomorrow, I will show the reveal here on my blog! Thanks again for your patience!


  1. oh no so frustrating!!!
    I hope your new host works out better for you! :)

  2. Sorry to hear that Sue! Hope things work out better with this host than the last one!!!

  3. Sue...I can so understand your frustration...but not to worry...everyone understands and you have been more than upfront about trying to fix the problems. Just one more week and everything will be resolved! Breathe....

    And once they get a look at your fab June kit all other thoughts will dissappear! LOL!


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