Saturday, July 07, 2007


How can this much time have passed already!?!?

Yikes, I have some catching up to do!!

Here it is, in a nutshell:

June 17th: Father's Day
June 21-24th: Girls' weekend with some of my Cre8ive Crew in Peterborough
June 25th: Inventory at work (blech!)
June 27th: Last day of school for Connor - onto Gr. 3!!
July 2nd: The big 4-0 for me!!
July 4th: Depart for family mini-vacation
July 5th: Connor gets strept throat, vacation plans derailed
July 6th: back home

I'll add details this weekend, with photos, if available... I haven't taken many in the last month! :(


  1. Hey Sue - Good to see you posting again. Sounds like you've been super busy! I hope you are doing well.

  2. Yeah - you came back!! I was missing the updates about your sweet kids and all the cool happenings you guys are always involved in.

    Happy Belated Birthday! Did you have lots of excitement and special treatment with that event? Life just keeps getting better as you cruise along, my friend!!

  3. Wow, and I thought I was busy. Glad you were able to take a little break and update us, now I'll just wait for the fab photos!!!

  4. Having 2 kids, it's hard to get to certain things. Keep us posted!


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