Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Accelerating into August!

I can't believe that tomorrow will be August 1st already! The summer is FLYING by!

I have come to the sad realization that I am not taking enough photos or video footage of my kids! Aili's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds (as well as her Spanish, thanks to Diego!) and only video will capture her endearing squeaky voice that goes up in pitch when she gets excited! Which is very often....

Connor, it seems, has grown at least two inches since the spring and his hair is getting REALLY long! He has a beautiful wave/curl to it, but it was getting so long that when wet, his bangs came down past the tip of his nose! Yet he refused to go to the hairdressers, thinking that she may accidentally (or by our instruction) cut it off! On Thursday, last week, we decided to celebrate the end of soccer/baseball season and go to dinner. Since May, we have been rushing home and through dinner, Monday through Thursday to get to either a baseball or a soccer game and I was fed up! (Only ONE sport per season from now on!)

So we headed to Montana's for dinner, then meandered over to the mall to get Connor's hair cut. I wouldn't take no for an answer - he couldn't even see when he put a ball cap on! So I had her trim his bangs and thin out the rest of it and it looks a hundred times better! I'll have to get him to sit still for a minute (a near impossible feat) and try to get a picture of it!

My sisters and I are preparing for our 1st annual Puglia reunion this Saturday, on my Dad's side. My sister, Liz (aka Martha) is hosting - she's got the perfect yard for it! We are planning on about 60 people, including my cousin Mary, her family and her mom from the US (you may remember my Zia from the photo of her and my sister that I posted last summer from my cousin, Jennifer's wedding?) I'm really looking forward to seeing them again!! We were at their place for my cousin, Rita's wedding (yeah - I have alot of cousins...) when she was pregnant with her first son, Jack - she delivered while we were there!! I was so happy!! She and her hubby, Glenn, now have THREE beautiful children - you may remember Sarah from this layout:

I'm so excited that they will be staying with us for a few days - we live way too far apart for my liking! :( I'm actually looking forward to seeing ALL of my relatives! We are a relatively close knit group (no pun intended - groan!) and most of us crazy enough to have kids all have kids within a few years of each other. There will be lots of food, games, music, chatting... and of course a big family group photo!

So I will definitely have some photos to share from the reunion this weekend - I think that we're working on the assumption that I will be the event photographer again... Although, now my niece, Sarah, just bought herself a new Nikon D50 so I'll be grooming her in my footsteps...

Just like when I handed over the crown of the Christmas Present Elf to her once Connor was born... :D

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading - I know I've been terrible at keeping this up, and NO PICTURES!! How fun can THAT be?!? Soon, I promise...


  1. Wow, sounds like you have a very busy weekend ahead of you, but you sound so excited. It is always wonderful to touch base with family again. I too am looking forward to seeing my family at my cousin's wedding.

    Hope your weekend is sucessful and a total riot, can't wait to see photos!!!

  2. Enjoy your upcoming family reunion!! I am sooo jealous!! My mom only has her brother left and his three kids (the LOVES of my life!!) and we see them like every week. My dad's entire family is in Italy, and I miss them soooo much!! I would kill for a reunion on my dad's side. Take lots of pics!!

  3. Have a fabulous weekend with everyone! And pictures to share would be a very good thing!!


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