Monday, January 07, 2008

She may LOOK so....

cute and innocent...
But don't let those big hazel eyes fool you!! This girl is definitely giving us a run for our money!
This is what I came home to on Saturday, after taking Connor to a birthday party:

It seems that she convinced Daddy to let her sleep in Connor's bunk beds for her nap (because she had been sleeping in the lower bunk, when Gary's parents came to visit)... and you can tell that she KNOWS she wasn't supposed to:
Love that coy look, as if to say, "Come on - you KNOW I'm too cute to stay mad at..."
So try as I might to scrub it off, it looks like we're stuck with a blue zebra:
That is, until we stuck her in the bath to soak for 30 minutes and then scrubbed her clean!! She came out of the tub, pink and fresh, saying "I no write on me anymore... I draw on the PAPER now!!"
We'll see how long that resolution lasts!! All I know is I'm hiding the scissors!!!


  1. hi..hi..hi...sounds like you got your hands full too! she's full of life! but what a gr8 page this will make!

  2. Hee-hee!!! Yes you do!! Can't wait to hear what's next on the mischief train!

  3. Hi sue!! thought i would come and check out your blog!!

    your little girl is super cute...but o, how familiar that story is with all three of my kids!!! i would love to tell it's something they out grow...but i have a 5 year old who stills gets herself in trouble colouring on herself furniture!!!

    have a fabulous sunday evening!!

  4. Aili is the sweetest little thing -- but I would hide the scissors if I were you too! Losing those curls would be a tragedy!

  5. oh my, that is actually pretty dang cute! Totally something my Anna would do :-P

  6. lol!! look at her! i think that IS wise to hide those scissors! hee hee

  7. lol...sounds like her


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