Wednesday, April 16, 2008

May kit is up!

And it's a beauty, if I do say so myself... ;) I love the rich colours in this one! Sadly, between the birthday celebrations and the reveal, I haven't even had a chance to play with it :( I think I have some great pics to go with it, too!

Last month, we introduced a new monthly kit, the Scrap Pack. Basically, it's the baby sister of our original kit, now called the Cre8ive Pack. Smaller in size, this kit is perfect for those with a smaller budget or who, like me, don't get to scrap very often. Or even those who may already get one, two or more kits per month!

More Just Cre8 news... a new e-zine launched on April 15th, called Scrap 'N' Art and we're in it! Scrap 'N' Art is a FREE downloadable magazine, not unlike Scrapbook and Cards Today. Click on the graphic to launch another site to download. Keep in mind, it is a bit slow to initially download on the page. Once it's downloaded, open up that baby and turn to page 48! Thanks to Kristi Snap for the kind review and awesome designs with our kit!!


  1. Hey, Friend! I had to rebuild my bookmarks (oh, joy!) and it's taken awhile but here I am again :))

    The trampoline incident had me scrolling past the pictures very quickly - I would have been inside the house in a flash! I'll be checking Meadow's trampoline very carefully next time.

    It's always so nice to check in and visit! Take care!! I hope you are enjoying your summer weather - we have more than a foot of new snow :((

  2. Hey girl - I haven't chatted with you for awhile so I thot I'd come and check out your blog. So glad to hear that Just Cre8 is going so well for ya! I'll have to come by and say hi again soon!


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