Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Our life, that is!

Soccer season has started and we're spending two nights a week at the soccer pitches. Plus Connor's coach is booking Saturday afternoon practices! 12 noon - right smack dab in the middle of the day to mess up all weekend plans! But apparently his coach plays on 3 different teams and I think he plays on Saturday mornings...

Last season, Connor played BOTH soccer and baseball and we were running from Monday to Thursday each week. This year, we asked him to choose ONE only and soccer was his pick. While last year he was mildly interested, he has once again thrown himself into it this year. And he's so improved, I'm very proud of him!! I really think that this coach can push him to the next level - maybe he can try out for travel next year!

And of course, he's a handsome kid in his kit - all long legs and lean body, with that ridiculously curly, long hair! And YES, I have photos... and they're even edited and ready to blog! Thanks to Ree (my girl-crush, as Gary calls her) for her awesome PS actions - she has seriously made blogging my photos SOOOOO much easier now!

Our little diva has started soccer this year, too! So far, she's been hot/cold with the whole affair - one day, she's crying/whining and won't stay with her team, and the next, she's dribbling through cones and running all over! Unfortunately, her coach is a young girl, and she doesn't have much control over the 17 kids running all over the place! But we'll persevere... only because she looks so darn cute in her pink shin guards (under the socks)!! She doesn't have them on in these photos but she also has black and pink cleats!

And of course, she had to have something to hold in that crazy, curly hair... just like her big brother:

Although, Connor has taken to not wearing it much this year...

But do you notice anything similar in our kids? Yep - lucky #13 again this year for Connor. And funnily enough, Aili is on the white/red/black team with #13, same as Connor's first year!

But I'm off to bed - We revealed our Just Cre8 June monthly kits on the 15th and I'm packing 'em up to ship - hopefully by Friday!!

Thanks for reading!

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