Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Is it possible...

That this is the same kid??
Amazing what two years can do!

Connor started in Gr. 4 this year on Tuesday at the same school. He so far loves his teacher (although they started math today, he informed me, and the love is fading fast... LOL!)
Aili started at her new daycare on Tuesday as well.

And in case you're wondering... yes, she's as mischevious as that smile suggests...
More details to follow - I have some design team kits to send out! ;)


  1. Oh My Gosh Sue - Connor looks so grown up! Your soon going to have to equip him with a stick for back to school - so he can keep all of the girls away LOL!!

  2. They have grown up so much. Wow!! are so handsome!

  3. Wow - look at how grown up they are! They are both beautiful, Sue.

  4. Oh my, they are growing up so fast! The last time I saw her so was still just a tot! Man they are way to adorable too!

  5. HOLY MOLY!!! What changes! Hey Connor is in the same grade as Kaleigh! They'd make a lovely couple!! LOL...
    Aili is getting so tall! She's changed so much, where does the time go??


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