Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2+ weeks...

but I have been productive! :) Not only with Just Cre8 business, but scrapbooking too!

gasp* I KNOW! (said in my best Craig Ferguson voice... and if you don't know who Craig Ferguson is... click HERE and think Drew Carey's boss...)

We celebrated Thanksgiving here this year. Usually, we head up to Gary's parents for Thanksgiving, taking in the Erin Fall Fair while we're there.

Speaking of the Fall Fair, I found these little gems while searching through the THOUSANDS of
photos that I have...

Look how wee she is!!

Okay, so it's a big tractor.

This one actually made the cover of the Erin newspaper - and I think I already blogged about it, but hey, a mama gets to be proud of her first born!

And this is one of my favourites, despite my quirky ponytails, insufferable movie star shades and a distinct suspicion of a double chin... Capturing the look on Aili's face when she placed her bottom on that horse was definitely worth the embarassment!
Back to Thanksgiving... This year, however, his parents were supposed to be in Italy for a wonderful trip that they had planned! Sadly, his mom hurt her back and they had to cancel their trip! I'm so sad - they were so looking forward to it! Fingers crossed that she's well enough to catch the next tour!

So we decided to host dinner. My whole family came, with the exception of my nephew, who was sunning his behind in Cuba (ah, the university life!) and I was well prepared this time, so I actually got to enjoy myself, save a few harrowing moments right before serving, when everything needs to be done! Thanks to my brother-in-law, Bill, who is a whiz with a potato masher! ;)

The 15th brought about another Just Cre8 reveal - November's kits! And though I'm really not happy with the kit photos, as it doesn't do the kits' colours justice AT ALL, the design team has totally ROCKED this kit and has shown a fair representation of the colours and beauty of it!

And a few days, later, we had our 2nd Annual Revive & Rejuven8 Fall Crop! Oh, how I *heart* my Cre8ive Crew!!! They are so fabulous!! If you missed our weekend of fun, I'm sorry to hear it, but you'll be happy to know that the challenges are still up there so you can work along at your own pace!

Which of course, is what *I* was able to do! But first things first, I had to see if I could find my desk and table amidst the mess...

And lo and behold, I found my room!! It's never been this clean so I just had to take photos... because it didn't last long, once I started Cre8ing! :)

First, let me say that the colour of the walls looks washed out in some of the photos. It's actually Behr 410A-2 Cabbage Green (in reality, however, it's closer to Carolina Parake?)This is where it all happens: When you're chatting with me online, or I'm typing my blog posts, this is usually where I am (unless I'm on the laptop upstairs. I love my two 21" monitors - so great to have the extra desktop space when editing photos or designing stamps!! I'm still unsure about what to do above the printer and scanner (on the left)...

I have two ideas: One is to add a curtain rod type thing that will hold my favourite layouts. The other is to do this. I'm leaning more to the first, since I have plans (STILL) to do the second in our foyer/hall.
This is the rest of my L-shaped desk. I agreed to share my room with Gary, so I cleared off one end so he could set up shop there. Don't mind my degrees leaning against the wall in the corner - they're are now on the wall, as of a few hours ago! I love my big whiteboard, too, for keeping track of ideas, deadlines, to do's... but mostly for entertaining Little Miss A! If you look closely, you can see the big green marker streak on the wall underneath the board... :s

The next photo is not a great picture, because of the flash, but this shows my awesome custom-made Skribblz Art on my wall. Ironically, Katrina made this for me as a hostess gift when she and her family stayed with us a couple of years ago... long before Just Cre8 was born! Still need to do some purging to this area, but at least it's tidy! The shelves on the left hold my completed circle journals, favourite pictures of the kids and a beautiful layout that my dear friend, Kerry, did of my mom & Aili, just after she was born. And we've come full circle!I don't dare show you photos of it now though!! That nice, pristine desk is completely covered with scrapbooking supplies!

I will share this little gem though, as I realized that I forgot to post Aili's graduation photo from daycare: Don't you just love those unruly curls?? It was Picture Day on Monday and I managed to tame them into pigtails... but until we get those proofs back, I won't know if they made it through til picture time, or if they managed to escape confinement... :D

Thanks for reading!

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  1. wow Sue! it's great to see your scraproom! so much cleaner than mine...LOL!


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