Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Catching up...

on my posting!
In editing the photos from my sister's Hallowe'en party, I came across a bunch of photos from prior months that I hadn't posted!
In September, we went to Thiessen's Apple Orchard in Leamington. I had spent the night at Liz's, scrapbooking with her and Sarah, so Gary drove out on Sunday to pick me up and we all went apple picking.
More like apple tasting...

Niko came along for the walk, too...
They have a huge hill of straw bales... this is just so typically Aili:
Queen of the hill!

And for an unplanned weekend out, we ran into a surprising number of friends! Dawn noticed that Gary's Twitter was updated to say that we were there and she emailed him to say they were heading there as well, with Suzie, Derek & co. We also ran into our neighbours, Jay and Diane, with their family!
It was a lot of fun! Even though we just finished off the apples a week or so ago... ;)


  1. hahah niko looks funny. that was one warm indian summer day.

  2. Great shots! Lovin that last one especially!


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