Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy Birthday to my BFF!!

I have known my BFF (best friend forever, for you non-techno geeks like us) for almost 20 years. Big deal, you think. I've known friends for over 30 years! True, 20 years, while impressive, it's certainly not uncommon.

But let me ask you this... do you still, after those 30 years, see your BFF everyday? Talk to them everyday? Prefer their company over the majority of people that you know?

I do. Heck, I even sleep with mine! And before you label me Crazy, with a capital C, let me reassure you that my BFF is real life, flesh and blood.

Okay, so he has those freakishly long arms that are perfect for taking self portraits...
But he also has the most amazing blue eyes I've ever laid my peepers on! And he's kind, caring and generous. He's an amazing father, whether it's taking the time to teach Connor a new guitar chord:Or just giving some good Daddy cuddles, like this one at the Windsor Spitfires game on Jan 25th:Happy Birthday to my BFF - I love you more each day, if that's entirely possible! All I know is that you're leaving some pretty big shoes for your kids to fill...
Literally. :)

Just wanted to share the birthday gift I made for Gary this year. It's an 8x10 canvas with a picture of the kids that he can hang in his office.

Here's a close up of that adorable frog! Isn't he just the cutest little thing?!?

Thanks for looking!

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing guy!


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