Thursday, April 02, 2009

WooT!! WooT!!

Can I get a shout out for my little man???

He started on a local competitive swim team in September. He's always loved the water, but after Michael Phelps' Olympic golds, he's been determined to be at the 2016 Olympics! In fact, he's already warned us to start saving our money so we will have enough money to come and cheer him on!

I was happy that we had finally found a sport that he loved and at which he excelled. Don't get me wrong, he's a great soccer player, but he also has a very competitive streak in him and we have found that he becomes frustrated when he plays team sports, having to rely on others to help him win! For many of his games last summer, he would be running all over the field, because his team members were not participating with the same vigor! LOL!

Enter swimming. Right from the start, he took to it like, well, like a fish to water! Okay, forgive me for the cheesy pun... But he loved that he and only he was responsible for whether he won or not. It's a sport that is great for his competitive streak, because I can see him pushing himself when he's behind. Of course, on that same token, it also sometimes clouds his concentration when he can only think about beating someone else, instead of perfecting his strokes! But that will come with time...

This week, we received some good news on Monday's practice - they moved Connor up another level! This makes two levels since he started in September! He's very proud and excited because at this level, he will begin to participate in swim meets!

Of course, I teased him that it was because he was just swimming faster, now that he had lost about 10 lbs of hair! :D

Here's a little video of one of his prior practices - you can see how he keeps checking his opponents... we have to work on that!

Oh, and please overlook the long hair NOT tucked into the swim cap but left to flow unheeded down his back... this is what happens when his mother does not attend a practice... *roll eyes*

Connor Early Swim Video from grayskyes on Vimeo

Thanks for watching - Olympics 2012, here we come! :)


  1. It is so wonderful when they find their niche. Congratulations to Connor learning that hard work does pay off!

    Lee (linarstudio on JustCre8)

  2. oooh I hope he makes it to the Olympics - good luck to him!!! From a super-competitive athlete myself, I can relate ... although I could never give up soccer!!! lol

  3. WTG Connor! When you make the Olympics, your mom is going to be so proud!

  4. yay connor!!! that is fabulous buddy!

  5. GO CONNOR!!!
    so awesome!!!

  6. woo hoo! Sounds like an awesome combo Connor + water = greatness!


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