Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's Cre8 (Kidlet Version)!

At Just Cre8, we have a tutorial post that goes up every other Saturday by one of the Cre8ive Crew, called Let's Cre8 (you can check some of them out here!) So when Aili brought home a note about needing to bring in a craft completed with recycled materials, I thought we'd do our own kid-friendly version of Let's Cre8!

Here's what you'll need:

Egg carton
Chenille pipe cleaners
Empty toilet paper tubes
Cardstock in favourite colours
Paints (acrylic work best with kids - easy clean up!)
Foam paintbrushes
Buttons (with at least two holes)
Ribbon (green is best, but any colour will do)
White glue
Paper piercer or stylus
Sharp scissors
Newsprint (to cover work surface)
3" scalloped circle punch (optional)

Start by removing the top of your egg carton and cutting the peaks off of the bottom portion. Cut the peaks so that they are level with the remaining edges of your carton.

Then separate the cups and trim the edges. Make sure you have a sturdy pair of scissors - I cracked my Ginsu pair making this, hence I'm using my old beat-up stainless steel pair!!

Spread out your newsprint over your work area and squirt a quarter-size dollop of paint (add more as needed!). Using a foam brush, paint the outside of the egg carton cup. Lay face down to dry.

Don't forget to keep your camera handy to catch your child's expression!

Once dry, turn over and paint the insides a contrasting colour. Let dry.

While your cups are drying, prepare your vase. Begin by punching a circle for your base. You can also use a square or cut a circle using a circle cutter, or freehand.

Using your paper roll as a guide, measure the length and cut a piece of cardstock to fit around the roll, with about 3/4" overlap. You can use a paper trimmer, but I just eyeballed mine, erring on the side of overages and then trimmed it once it was affixed to the roll.

Squirt some white glue onto your work area. Dip your finger in the glue and spread along the edge of one of the short sides of the cardstock piece. Make sure that it is spread right out to the edge.
Attach to your paper roll and wrap around, smearing glue on the other end to seal. Hold, seam side down, for a minute or so (sing the ABC song to distract your little one!) to ensure a smooth seal.
Using your finger, rub glue along open edge of tube and stand upright on circle base. Don't worry about a little glue seeping out - it will dry clear. Hold to set and set aside.
Please excuse the messy fingers - I am SO not a neat painter!
To create your flower centres and stems, choose as many buttons as you have egg cups, in complementary colours. Let your child choose their colours for their stems and buttons - who says stems can't be pink??
Begin by threading the chenille stem UP through a buttonhole and then DOWN through the opposite side.
Match up the ends of your stem and pull tightly.

Twist the chenille stem tightly to set the button, and then loosely twist the remaining stem together.

Using a paper piercer or stylus (a push pin or Xacto knife will work as well) create a SMALL hole for your chenille stem.

Don't make it too large or the egg cup will fall down the stem. It should be a tight fit.

Thread the stem in through the centre of the cup and pull down completely.

Cut your ribbon into 3" pieces (one per flower).

Tie in a tight knot near the top of your stem.
Place your flowers in your vase and make a goofy face for the camera!

Happy Cre8ing! Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is completely adorable Sue - might have to try it with Abigail soon! I hope she's old enough! :)


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