Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Pampered Princess

2009.08.13 - This year, for Aili's 5th birthday, I made appointments for she and I to get our nails and tootsies done.  It's been ages since I've had a manicure and though it's sad to say, but I've had a lot more time for the "girly girl" sort of primping and polishing.  For example, I think I may have actually gone to work two weeks in a row WITH MAKE UP ON!!

I know!

Since I'd started taking the time at night to put OPI Nail Envy on my nails each evening, they were growing at a rapid pace!  And my little munchkin is always hovering as I do my nails, asking for her nails to be painted.  So I thought she would like a mani/pedicure for her birthday!

I forgot about the sitting-still-for-hours-at-a-time part...

But still, Michelle, my manicurist from days gone past (and now here again!), was patient and did a great job!

I had to lift her onto the barstool, when it came to her turn.  She had already picked out her polish colour - in an attempt to distract her while I was getting my manicure, I showed her the sample keychain with fake nails coloured in differerent shades.  She zeroed in on a hot pink and proceeded to tell me, at 5 minute intervals for the next 40 minutes what colour she was getting...

Once the colour was on, Michelle painted a tiny flower on each ring finger.  (She also got matching ones on her big toes and polka dots on the rest of her toes!)

She could barely reach the bowl!

And finally, we're done!  Don't you just love the pose?
Happy Birthday, baby girl!

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