Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kalahari Resorts

Back at the end of September, we took the kids to Kalahari Resorts, in Sandusky, Ohio - thanks to my friend, Dawn, for tuning us into the awesome Facebook deal!  Our families are very close and similar in dynamics so we booked our trips for the same night so that the kids could play together (and so could the adults! :))

We lucked out with a super deal - we still can't believe the incredible deal we managed to snag!  For $99/night, the four of us stayed in the Two Room Family Suite:

One king-size bed, table and chairs, and TV as you walk in, with its' own vanity and bathroom...

with a door that leads to the second bedroom, complete with two queen size beds, fireplace, flat screen TV, couch, table and chairs, its' own vanity and bathroom, microwave and mini fridge!

FOR $99/night!!

Oh, and did I mention that our passes to the water park were included - for both the day of check-in (after 12 noon) until 3pm on the day of check-out???


But so thankful that we got to take advantage of this super deal - the kids had soooo  much fun, and so did the adults!  Sadly, John couldn't make it, but Dawn and the kids joined us so we snagged side-by-side rooms so the kids could wander freely between the rooms.

Did I mention the view from our patio?

It was a cooler day so the outdoor park wasn't open, but we had more than enough to do with the indoor park open!

Dawn and I spent alot of time with the girls in the wave pool.

There was also a sports pool and beyond that, another water play area for younger children.

Many of the rides had height requirements and while Aili was tall enough, Kayleigh was just a smidge shy and was unable to go on them.  We spent some of the time watching the boys on the Flo' Rider, which pumped something like 50,000 gallons of water per minute!

Connor and Liam tried it first:

They had so much fun that they convinced Gary to try it with them the next time!  Dawn captured it on video, which Gary apted edited to the song, Wipe Out!  Once I figure out how to upload the video, I'll share it!

Towards the end, Aili and I ventured onto the bigger rides with the boys - of course, she chickened out once we got to the top!  But Connor and I went down a few times - so much fun! 

We can't wait to go back and watch the site constantly for e-deals!  For more information, here's a You Tube video

Thanks again to the R. family for sharing our vacation!


  1. That's a great vacay spot!!!

  2. So much fun! Let's do it again! Maybe during Xmas vacay??


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