Monday, December 07, 2009

Kreative Blogger Nomination

Thanks so much to my friend and fellow Canadian Scrapbooker teammate, Connie Nichol, for nominating my blog for a Kreative Blogger award!  I'm not sure how deserving this blog is, but I appreciate it, all the same!

Here are the rules behind it (I added my 2 cents, of course...):

Once the award is accepted, the nominee has to do the following:
1)  Thank the sender for nominating you (just good manners, IMHO!)
2)  Make sure you link to the person who nominated you (again, just good blogging etiquette, n'est-ce pas?)
3)  Copy the logo onto your blog
4)  List seven interesting facts about yourself.
5)  Nominate seven Kreative Bloggers, with links to their blogs (see #2...)
6)  Leave a comment for each of them, letting them know of their nomination

Okay, so let's see...
Thank the sender... check.
Link to sender... check.
Copy logo to blog... check.
List seven interesting facts...

Well, I'm pretty much an open book - if I haven't said it out loud, I've probably written in on my blog!  But here's a few things you may or may not know about me...

1.  I have my own pool cue.  I used to play every day/night for hours and would usually surprise some macho jock out of a few drinks or some cash. *blush*
2.  I knew that Gary and I would get married within three weeks of our first date.  In fact, it was mutual - it just took us (okay, him!) six years to save up for the ring! :D
3.  I got pregnant on our FIRST try after deciding to try to have a baby... BOTH TIMES!  Needless to say, I now warn Gary not to put his pants on my side of the bed anymore... :D
4.  Two of the Barenaked Ladies came to my house for dinner one night after meeting them at their concert in London.
5.  I took Calculus, Algebra and Trig in Grade 13... and got an A in all of them.
6.  I briefly dated a Toronto Argonauts football player.  He was 6'5" (to my 5'1") and could carry me around like a football!
7.  U2 has been my favourite band since first hearing them in 1981.

List seven interesting facts... check.
Nominate seven Kreative Bloggers....  these seven women are so creative and inspiring - I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do!

Jessi Lute - Words & Things
Lori Mancini - Life is This...
Ronda Palazzari - Help me Ronda
Ann Costen - Memories on Paper
Jill Sarginson - Scrap-Pit
Melanie Blackburn - Random Ramblings
Heather Moll - Running the Race
Connie had several of the people on my list on hers as well, so be sure to check out her list here!

Off to leave my comments for you talented ladies!

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  1. Hey Sue! Those are interesting facts!!! Not sure mine will be as interesting! Thanks for the nomination, I'll do my best to come up with good ones. Take care!!! :)


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