Sunday, February 21, 2010

For better or worse...

Well, as with many illnesses, it looks like Aili had to get worse before she got better!

The hives continued to break out every five or six hours - we could almost time her medication to it!  As soon as she hit the five and half hour mark in between meds, she'd start to wheeze and get blotchy.  They would usually start on her face, under her eyes, and we could almost see them bloom right under our eyes!

Here's the photos from last night, around 6:30pm:

As you can see, they are much smaller welts, but more spread out.  It almost looked like chicken pox, or the measles!

Again, they weren't very itchy or uncomfortable so we are thanking our lucky stars for that!  We gave her a dose of Benedryl at 5am today so we're about 9.5 hours hive-free!  Three more to go and she'll be out of the woods!  Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. oh poor kid!! hope the benedryl works its wonders!


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