Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23 Days...

I'm getting excited!!  I just received my photo order from Green Pixel Printing and can't wait to start planning on what I should bring to the crop!

Hoping to meet up with a lot of web friends, old and new, this year, both in my class and at the crop!  Only SEVEN spots left in the class - will be so much fun!!


  1. cant wait to see you!!! yippie!!

  2. Greetings,neighbour!-I saw your adorable LO in the new CS mag and happened to notice that you're from Belle River...Being from Kingsville,I thought that was totally cool...or should I say kewl?! My daughter's the true photographer in our house, but I do check out your articles(need all the help I can get!) It's nice to see someone from a small town making their mark-BRAVO!!

  3. YEAH!!! so can't wait to take your class and meet you IRL...

  4. So, I just checked out the Green Pixel Printing website. Are they as good as they say? I have been searching for a decent place to print my photos for years! Thank-you, thank-you, I am sooo excited!


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