Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea for Two....


Remember this post about my sister's tea party?

Well, she was featured on the "Off The Record" blog of Deborah Jones from Biz X magazine!  How nice to see her efforts applauded - she raised over $2000 in just a few hours!!  You can read the article here.

I can't wait until the formal garden tea next year - I'm on the hunt for my hat already!  Anyone have any suggestions? :)

I'm heading out shortly for ScrapFest in Kitchener for the weekend - I finally decided to stop stressing about the packing and only work on one or two projects while I'm there.  If past experience is any indication, I probably won't get much done anyways - I'm always too busy socializing!  When I went to SK last year, I took FOUR suitcases (only 1 was full of clothes & toiletries!) and I didn't even complete ONE page in two days!! 

So at about 4pm yesterday, I threw up my hands and figured that if I didn't have it and REALLY needed it, I would beg, borrow or buy it there!

If you are coming to the ScrapFest crop, be sure to come and say hi - I'll be the one talking while everyone else is busy scrapping...

I'll probably have a camera in my hand, too... :)

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