Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'm baa-aaackkkk! (again)

I just got in about an hour ago from my Girls' Scrapping Weekend at Holly's and had such a wonderful weekend with these talented ladies that I couldn't wait to share it all with you!  That, and I wanted to beat Lori to the punch!  Although I think Ann beat me... she posted that very same day! :D

I got away later than I  had hoped on Friday, only because I didn't have much time for packing this week, with Aili being ill.  I'm happy to report that her fever is gone and she's been feeling much better, although still weak and tired.  It makes me wonder if she didn't contract mono, as she had all the symptoms!  Only way to tell for sure, though, is a blood test and now that she's well, we don't want to put her through that.

I arrived at Holly's around 7:30pm, making good time and only running into a traffic snarl around Kitchener.  Lori and Jennifer had already arrived so once I arrived, we started making our appetizers and then settled into a night of scrapping.  One of the girls brought a wonderful tray full of fresh veggies and I made a yummy hot appetizer, which I'll share later this week.

We scrapped into the wee hours of the morning, on both nights (I think Holly and I won, with two straight 5am nights! :))  Ann joined us early on Saturday morning and worked on some digital scrapping while we got sticky and inky! :)  She finally broke down and wanted to paper scrap but had no photos.  Well, if it's one thing I have, it's plenty of photos (although Lori certainly put me to shame with her stack of printed photos!!)  I gave her a few to choose from and she chose these two from 2005 that I recently had printed by Green Pixel Printing (LOVE her prints! :)):

Don't you just love the line of drool...? :)

And please ignore the horrid shadows, caused by the flash - I think my hubby may have snapped these and he LOVES to use the flash! :)

The layout turned out beautifully, of course.  I will photograph it tomorrow, with the other three projects I completed and will share - Thanks, Ann!!  It was so great to see you again this weekend and I love that I have a "little piece of Ann" in my scrapbook albums now!

Seeing as I didn't take my camera out all weekend (sometimes it's nice NOT to be the one that everyone assumes will take the photos!! LOL!), I will wait for copies of all of Holly's photos and share them later!

Quite honestly, I was surprised at how productive we all were, considering how chatty we all are when we get together!  In fact, we had so much fun that we discussed the possibility of making it a more regular event!

Ahhh, I miss my Just Cre8 girls...

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