Sunday, May 16, 2010

Project 52

Last year, I talked about my girl-crush on Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.  Perhaps you have been living under a rock, or have just landed on Planet Earth and may not have heard about her?  She is this incredible writer/blogger/cook whose blog, The Pioneer Woman, is one of my daily surfing haunts.  I love her style of blogging and she takes the most incredible photos!

It doesn't hurt that she often shows photos of cowboys.  In chaps.

I know, I know - say no more, right?  I'll wait patiently as y'all click on the link and search frantically for the cowboy pictures...

Here - let me save you the trouble... Cowboys, Wranglers and Chaps

Now that you've got it out of your system (and have bookmarked her site for future enjoyment), I'll get back to my initial topic.  But not before I point out Ree's new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl - go buy it now!!

Okay, where was I??  Oh yeah.  Project 52...

I was surfing PW's site the other day and saw this adorable photo HERE.

Well, if that didn't make me want to run right out and have another baby...

Then I pinched myself.  But I did want to find that baby and pinch those adorable chubby cheeks!  And I was pleasantly surprised when his mama, Anna, posted a comment on my blog the day after I posted a comment about Baby Neil!

Okay, I know you're still trying to find the connection between this post and my Project 52 title... bear with me!

In surfing Anna's blog (which contains more adorable photos of Baby Neil!), I noticed that she had a Project 52 blog.  Me, being naturally curious, checked it out and realized that it is exactly like the Project 365 that I started in January (and at which, I failed miserably after week three!) but it's a photo a WEEK, instead of per DAY!

Now that's something I can commit to, and most likely, successfully finish!

I'm not sure if I will start another blog, as Anna has done, as I already have three to maintain, but will post photos here, complete with "the story" so I will have instant journaling when it comes time to scrap these photos!  I may take Anna's lead and do one photo of Aili and I, and another photo of Connor and I, so that I can document their progress.  Heck, maybe I'll even do one of them together (before they grow up to an age where being that close to one another will be the LAST thing they want to do...)

So what do you say?  Wanna Project 52 with me??  You have a few weeks - I'm going to start June 1st...


  1. OK.. Pioneer Woman Rocks! I have her actions.. and yeah, they are awesome!!!

  2. Oh what a great idea.. love your post.. Pioneer Women is great and I follow her blog as well.. I might be able to give this a try.. a photo a week is not so bad...

  3. Ok, I am totally in, I also tried the photo a day thing and failed miserably too, but maybe one a week I can do.

    I have an idea, but let's chat MSN when you are on!!!


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