Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's that time again...

It's June and time for a new RAK!

The planning stage for my studio office has started and stopped several times now, over the last month or so, for various reasons - but I'm happy to say that I have my French doors sitting in outside my studio and the wall is ready for destruction!!

I just have to remove the rest of my STUFF first!! *groan*

I have all sorts of ideas that I've been amassing over the months, as I began this project - it's amazing how much info there is out there regarding planning and decorating scraprooms!  I feel like I've just scratched the surface!

So for this month's RAK, I need your ideas!  Leave me a comment with a decorating or organizational tip for my scraproom and I'll enter you into the random draw!

And since I missed May, I think I'll pick TWO winners!

I have a BRAND SPANKIN' new Summer 2010 issue of Canadian Scrapbooker up for grabs for one lucky winner!

And I am also giving away a set of Just Cre8 clear alphabet stamps, Silver Guppy!

Deadline to leave a comment will be 11:59pm EST on June 6th, 2010.  If you comment anonymously, PLEASE remember to leave your name in your comment!  Good luck to all who enter - I will announce the winners on June 7th!


  1. I use towel bars for 2 things...large punches and with 's' hooks to hang embellishments.

  2. I have just discovered some wire cubicles to store on my desk, so that I have a corner organized and things are ready to use when I need them. Also for some easy storage and easy access I have found that tupperware's half carry all's work good to store stuff in(I have one for my slice)and I can see in the container without having to open it up.


  3. I got some Martha Stewart fabric drawers from Home Depot to help organize stuff. They come in some really nice colors too!!!


  4. I use every inch of available wall space. Shelves, clips and cupboards! I also LOVE my labelled project boxes. Neatly piled all the way to the ceiling. I can find any current project! I am jealous of your french doors. xox

  5. I don't have a specific idea to suggest, but I am attaching a link to a space that I think is absolutely divine. Have a peek!!

  6. I share my space with my DH.. and I am far from organized.. I love Ikea.. so I have used their furniture to set up my space.. the best purchase I made was my table.. it is a glass top with a space under the glass.. I use it to store unfinished work so I can go back to it.. I love it.. Good luck with the renos... I can't wait to see it when it is all done..

  7. I would suggest a cork board. I have some that stick right to the wall in two spots and I have a ton of stuff on them

  8. I have a really small scrap space (actually a closet converted to a desk with shelves above it. One thing I did was buy some cute little buckets at the Dollarama. I have two on my desk - one for new embellishments I want to use and one for scraps and bits of stuff that I want to keep for making cards. Both are at my fingertips and right in front of me to remind me to use them. If I need some inspiration, I will dig through them.

    Sarah MacKenzie


Thank you for your comments - I appreciate the feedback!

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