Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Facts

Seems like a while since I've updated about our family life!  Not that I'm kidding myself and thinking that someone is waiting on pins and needles for an update...

It's really for my benefit, because at my age, remember what I ate for breakfast is taxing! :s

Here are some random updates:

*  There are only eight more school days left this year.  Even less for Aili, who is still alternate days.  The kids are looking forward to a lot of swimming at Aunt Liz's this year! :)

* We are all adapting to having Gary home (click here if you haven't heard the news).  In fact, we are all adapting quite well! :) 

* Connor competed in his final swim meet of the year this past weekend in Brantford.  It was a 3 day meet (Fri - Sun) and he swam in 8 races.  Most were top 20 finishes.  The pool was a Long Course (long course = 50m length, as opposed to short course, which is 25m) and since Connor trains on a SC pool, it presents a challenge, especially since all provincial races are on LC pools.  The WEST coaches have been lobbying for a LC course pool in the area to properly train the athletes.  Amanda Reason used to belong to the WEST club, but moved to Etobicoke last year to train on a LC course.  Hopefully, it will be closer to our end of the city... :)

* Aili is finishing up her last session of gymnastics for the year, and has begun T-ball and soccer this year.  She has missed a few gymnastics sessions because we have been away a lot this spring but she seems to like it.  I am looking at ballet classes now for her - she has pretty strong legs and toes (she can walk on her very tippy-toes for a very long time!!) and is constantly pirouetting and jete-ing across the room...

* I'll be teaching another Hands On! workshop next weekend in Kitchener at The Art House Studio - looking forward to it!

* I've just finished my Fall 2010 Hands On! photography article for Canadian Scrapbooker, as well as a feature article for this issue on a subject that is close to my heart.  It comes out on newsstands on September 1st!

* I've been pretty good about my Project 52 photo-taking!  Thankfully, I've had events each weekend so I'm taking photos!  We have started my studio renovation and so I will be making my quota by documenting the process with photos!  So far, there's a big hole in my wall where my French doors will be going!  Tomorrow we are shopping for potlights! I'll share photos this week...

* I'm working on plans to organize a large crop in my area.  Still trying to sort out the details like location and pricing, but I'm hoping to have it in August or September!  I may have to settle for October though...

* We are excited to be FINALLY heading down to Pennsylvania this summer to visit my cousins there!!  I think the last time we went for a visit, Connor was only 18 months old!!  It's been so hard to coordinate schedules and timing and $$ too - we were almost ready to go last summer but had to cancel at the last minute!  And even this year, we had just confirmed our plans, when Gary received the news about his job and we almost canceled again.  I'm just glad we didn't have to!!!  Oh I'm so excited to see my cousins again - I'm actually squirming in my seat!!  Not long now, Mary - I'll be parked on your doorstep before you get a chance to hide! :)

I'm sure there are more updates that I just can't recall right now... See?  Clearly, I'm losing my mind!

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