Monday, July 05, 2010

Studio Reno: Week 3

Not a very productive week on the Renovation Front.  I re-read my conclusion for last week's post:

Thanks for checking in this week - sorry for the lack of photos! Next week, we will be working on wiring the lighting, re-drywalling the wall and around the new door frame and attaching the drop ceiling!

And laughed out loud.  Wow, we were pretty ambitious! :)

Day 15 (2010.06.28)
Tried to get out to Home Depot today, but after being away for the weekend, there was just so much to catch up on around here, namely laundry, gardening and grocery shopping!  Called it an early night, with plans to start on the electrical tomorrow night.

Day 16 (2010.06.29)
Gary noticed that the doors, even after his creative shimming, were not hanging level.  He spent most of tonight pulling it all down and trimming the door frame.  Once it was back up, he worked at getting it level, to no avail.  Finally, we realized that we had attached it from the sides, instead of the top, and the floor was not even!  Argh!  Tomorrow's another day...

Day 17 (2010.06.30)
Alleluiah!  The doors are finally up!
Aren't those beautiful!  We still have to pick up the latching mechanisms and door handles - I am already starting to dream about door handles...

I love love LOVE these handles:

But I can't fathom spending $53.99 apiece on them!!  That's a whole lotta scrapping supplies... :)

My middle-of-the-road choice are these handles:
Not as expensive ($22.47 apiece), but I'm not sure I'm crazy about the flecked finish.

I may just go with the plain-Jane handles:

Only $18.97 apiece - functional, yet they don't make me want to gouge my eyes out.  I'll have to see what the doors look like stained before deciding.

Day 18 (2010.07.01)
We are at an impasse now - waiting to receive electrical wire from my dad to re-wire the light fixtures... 

Day 20 (2010.07.03)
Quick trip to the local Rona to pick sheets of drywall...

Day 21 (2010.07.04)
Happy 4th of July!  We spend the day with the kids in the pool, then out for dinner and ice cream!  Picked up the electrical wire from my dad and started the re-wiring tonight, after the kids conked out:

This is the new light switch on the outside of the room.  This is very exciting!  For those of you who have been to my place, you'll recall that my door used to swing in to open, and the light switch was on the INSIDE, behind the door!! What a PITA that was!  So now the light is on the left side, and the doors will both swing in to open.

And I'm happy to say that we managed to clear the bulk head on the inside right, so both doors will swing all the way open to the wall!

We're hoping to get the wiring finished tomorrow so we can get the sheetrock up by Friday!

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