Monday, July 12, 2010

Studio Reno: Week 4

As unproductive as last week was, this week was actually productive!

Day 22 (2010.07.05) - has it been three weeks already??

Today, Gary finished wiring the light switch and re-wired the overhead lights temporarily. 

He also set up my network wiring, since from past experience, the wireless network was sketchy, at best, in that room.

He then started to attach the sheetrock.
After one sheet was up, he called it a night.  Ok, so it was after midnight.  That's what happens when we don't get a chance to start working on this project until after the kids go to bed!

Day 23 (2010.07.06)

Sheetrock on inner walls:

Sheet rock on outer wall over door:


Tomorrow:  remaining sheetrock, and then we start mudding!

Day 24 (2010.07.07)

Today, the last of the sheetrock went up:

Great!  Time to start taping!

Wait a minute...

Turns out, you can't tape or mud without any spackle or drywall tape... *insert rolling eyes*

We thought we had some leftover spackle from when we painted the bedrooms upstairs, but nope!  Looks like we're on hold until we get to Rona or Home Depot...

Day 26 (2010.07.09)

Nothing happening on the renovation scene around here... :*(

I'm getting frustrated, but am trying to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day...  and there were thousands of Romans working on it!

And of course, since the temperatures have been hitting the 40's with the humidex, we had to order a pool!  And it just arrived today, so Gary's been working on leveling the area and setting it up so the kids can get out of our hair enjoy it this weekend! :)

But, I am going to drag him to Home Depot tomorrow to pick up the drywall tape and spackle!  I may even have to pick out a few ceiling fans for my living/dining room area.

On second thought, maybe I'll tackle one project at a time... ;)

Day 27 (2010.07.10)

Today was my day for spending money!!  We started out at Walmart - I had a few items to return, and Gary wanted to pick up a pool cover.

We somehow managed to walk out $300 poorer. :s

But at least we all have some summer clothes for our vacation now! 

Oh yeah, and a pool cover.

We then headed to Home Depot and FINALLY picked up some spackle and drywall tape.  We also decided to look at potlights and door handles, while we were there.

"Ouch," says our wallet.

(There's another pack of potlights - I just couldn't carry everything at once)

And I went with the reasonably priced door handles!  I had just forgotten that I needed FOUR handles, not just two... unless I don't plan on leaving my studio once I get in there!

Which is entirely possible.  :)

I guess we didn't need to get them so early, since they're the one of the final details, but this will give me a few weeks to decide if I love them.  I won't be able to tell until I stain the doors. 

Gee, they look much better in person - they're a dark distressed brown, not black...

After dinner, the kids played while we prepped the nail/screw holes and Gary started taping and mudding.

Aili couldn't resist helping Daddy, though:
There was a lot of patching needed, due to the removal of 1) the built-in desk; 2) several shelves and wall hangings; and 3) my custom Skribblz Art.

I just realized that because of the drywall on the outside wall, we are now going to have to paint the ceiling and the entire room OUTSIDE my studio, unless I can get away with painting that wall an accent colour.

I hope this isn't going to turn into one of those domino-effect renovation projects! Eek!

Day 28 (2010.07.11)

Another coat of spackle today - should be dry by tomorrow evening.  Then comes the fun part...


Ick.  My nose is already starting to tickle, imagining the drywall dust.

I'm off to buy Swiffer dusting cloths in preparation.

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