Monday, August 02, 2010

Studio Reno: Week 7

Last week of summer vacation and while we were in PA, we stopped at the Conshohocken IKEA and picked up the remaining furniture for my studio.

Well.. we decided to forgo one of the 4x2 bookcases because 1) I wanted to see if I actually needed it and 2) we didn't have much room left in the van!

As it was,  we had to move the kidlets' seats around and managed to get it all in!
Now that we're back, we have a list of things to do to complete the room:

1) install drop ceiling
2) install lighting
3) finish and paint trim
4) remove and stain doors
5) install door hardware
6) attach light/outlet plates
7) assemble and move in furniture
8) organize and re-stock studio!!

Still looking for your ideas to organize... :)

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  1. oh I bet you are excited... I have been buying the cubes... from the M store....with my 40% off coupons.. or on sale which ever comes first... and I love them.. and super easy to put together.. and and they stack... perfect for scrapbooking organization...


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