Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fantastic time trick-or-treating tonight!  Here are my little munchkins before heading out:

Connor and Gary put several hours into his iPod costume - isn't it fantastic?  And Aili insisted on being Scooby Doo this year - she ditched the vampire princess idea once she saw Connor's old Scooby costume...

Have fun and don't eat too much candy!!


  1. That is freaking AWESOME!!! LOL Love it!!! DS wanted SO BADLY to be ScoobyDoo this year but we couldn't find his size. But then I bought him a sword and all was right with the world. ;0)

  2. I love both costumes and 2 of my kids would have loved to be Scooby Doo (maybe Dakota will be one year). I personally love the iPhone...would be a great idea for one for older son.

  3. LOVE the costumes....I'm going to show my husband that I-Phone costume...that ROCKS!!! love the music on your blog too btw! :)


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