Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still here!!


Just a quick post to let you know that I'm still alive... barely!  Thanks to my FB friends for all the home remedies to nip this throat tickle in the bud... I'm going to load up on Vitamin C and garlic!

This is the worst week for me to start feeling sick - I have a huge whole store inventory on Thursday.  Have to dash into work on Friday morning to prepare the inventory package to be sent by courier, then race to Oshawa for ScrapFest!!  I'll be at the Canadian Scrapbooker magazine booth Friday night and Saturday, meeting and greeting with Katharina Doyle - and I'll also be running an informal photo booth there!  I'm not sure of the times yet, but will let you know - you'll have to drop by to have me snap your photo and then print it out for you, right there, thanks to our sponsors, Sony!

When I'm not working the booth (or shopping at all the vendor booths! :)), I'll be hanging with my scrap buddies - hoping to get something done, since I have a few deadlines, but I haven't even started packing yet! :s

I'm back on Sunday and then into work on Monday for a Loss Prevention audit... Tuesday and Wednesday are regular work days (although I may take Wednesday off, since I'm working Monday) and then I'm back in Toronto for the Creative Festival!  Again at the CS magazine booth, so if you're planning to attend, stop by and say hello!

And because no post is complete without a photo:

Aili, 2 months, in 2004 at our last Thanksgiving dinner with my mom before she passed.  I'm hoping to work on a mini album with all of the photos from this celebration this weekend!

So much to catch up - kids, school, Thanksgiving, life in general... soon!!  Wishing everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving!

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