Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Artist

Last month, I picked up a pack of seven 11x14 canvases, intent on using some of the skills used at my last Donna Downey class to make something to hang in our home.

Aili came into my studio as I was taking out my paints and wanted to "play" with me.  So I set her up with some paints and a canvas and let her go nuts.

This is her result:

It was her idea to paint the still life - when I asked what she would be painting, I was prepared for a pony, a princess or even a castle.  But not a "bowl of fruit"! LOL!

You can easily make out the banana, orange and apple - and to make it more "girly", she added sparkles:

Today, the hallway.  Tomorrow, the Louvre! :)


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