Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seven Sunday Blessings


or more!

It's been so long since I've posted my Seven Sunday Blessings!  June 5th, to be exact!  It's definitely not because I don't have anything for which to be thankful, though - that's for sure!

For this week and those prior, I am thankful:

1.  That my sister's tea party was a great success!!  She and Sarah put some much heart and soul into it and it's nice to see that it was rewarded - especially for a charity so near and dear to our family.

2.  For the successful report cards that were sent home this year.

3.  That summer is here!!

4.  That we are lucky enough to send our kids to camps to which they WANT to go!! Cartooning, Scrapbooking, Soccer, Lego Robotics and So You Think You Can Sing and Dance. to name a few!  Instruction in the morning and then swimming all afternoon - my little fishes are going to be happy, TIRED campers! :)

5.  For the opportunity to share my love of photography with some great teens in the Oakville area - thanks, Elise, for contacting me!  I had a blast with them!

6.  For my mother-in-law's strength and determination, as she continues her battle with cancer.  She's now moved to a physio therapy ward and is gaining strength to take on chemo and have another go at this stupid disease...

7.  For the 12 days that we got to spend with our Saskie friends:  Amanda, Russ, Renee and Curtis.  We loved having you here, Lepage family, and we want you to move to Ontario!!! :)

8.  For our safe and FUN trip to the GTA with those same friends!  Lots of driving and thankfully, no mishaps!

9.  That, on that same trip, Connor overcame his fear of roller coasters at Canada's Wonderland and went  on to enjoy the day, even riding the Behemoth with Russ!

10.  For Tim Horton's Iced Capps, in 38*C (100*F) weather!  'Nuff said!

11.  For homegrown raspberries, still warm from the garden.  Yum.

12.  For Ikea.  (do I even need to explain why??)

13.  That I bought my hubby his prized BBQ for Father's Day - because now he cooks dinner most nights!! :)

What have YOU been thankful for?

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