Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11-01: An Anniversary

It's hard enough to remember what I ate for lunch yesterday or the last movie we went to see, but ask any adult what they were doing at 8:46 am on the morning of September 11, 2011.

I remember it vividly.  Gary was at home, taking a sick day (for some seemingly trivial illness, in comparison to the upcoming events).  I had just arrived at work around 8:30am and was preparing to start my day when my cell phone rang.  He was online and saw an alert about some breaking news.  He had just turned on the television and sat down to hear the details, just as the second plane hit the South Tower of the World Trade Centre.

That was where he remained until I came home from work, after picking Connor up from the babysitter.

After his call, I relayed the information to my front store manager and we turned on the little 6" B&W television that my associate kept in the back to watch the ball games on days when he had to miss them.  We turned it on and what followed next led to a work day that was spent in front of that tiny television.

Horror.  Shock.  Mind-numbing fear.  One of my first thoughts was, "Oh my God!  This is the start of World War III."  Selfishly, for a split second, I wondered how this was going to affect me and my family.  But as the day unfolded and the news coverage continued on, I began to realize how many people were affected by this widespread show of terrorism.

Gary and I spend most of the evening in front of the television, watching the footage over and over, talking quietly as to not alert Connor.  He was not quite two, but I think he could sense something was wrong.

For days, weeks, even months afterwards, we watched, over and over, the media coverage continued with explanations of what happened that day.

The fear and the horror stayed fresh for many months, even years.  The increased security at the airports, a little too late.  The grooves in the highway that ran from the border to the college, nearly 10 kms away - created from the weight of 18 wheeler trucks, combined with the heat from their exhaust, as they waited in line to cross over into Detroit, Michigan.  News of a newly appointed Homeland Security team and their colour coded levels of threats.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of that fateful day when 2,996 people lost their lives.  That fateful day when our sense of security was shaken.  But not shattered.  I choose to believe that justice will prevail and good shall overcome evil.

Sending blessings and prayers out to the families of the victims - may time heal all wounds.  Know that they will never be forgotten.

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