Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back to the Living

Sort of.

The last few weeks have been nothing short of a madhouse around here.  You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

Actually, I will tell you - and then you'll have to believe me, right?

Since my last post:

Oct 8-9:  Spent the holiday weekend with Gary's dad and brother

Oct 10:  Celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with our extended family (for which I cooked a very tasty bird, thanks to Ree's recipe!).  So nice to spend time with our family - despite a rather competitive game of Taboo!

Oct 10:  Discovered that my godmother's mom, who has been a big part in my parents' lives, passed away at the age of 95.

Oct 11:  Received a call that my godfather and uncle was admitted to hospital yesterday and was not doing well.  He's had problems in the past and I was glad that Connor and I had a chance to visit him a few weeks ago, the last time he was in the hospital.

Oct 12:  Talked to my dad and learned that my uncle was doing better.  Thankful that He is watching over him.

Oct 12:  Revised presentation and handouts for ScrapFest class on Oct 15th.  Sent to printer for pick-up on Thursday.

Oct 13:  Sadly, my uncle did not pull through and passed away today at the age of 85.

Oct 14:  Left for ScrapFest, despite my heartbreak.  Hoping that my friends' laughter and big hearts would help me get through the weekend and meet my commitments

Oct 14:  Unloaded van and set up booth, with my lovely Canadian Scrapbooker teammates, Christy and Cathie.  Their contagious laughter eased my sorrow and helped me forget, for a little while.

Oct 14-15:  Worked Photo booth at ScrapFest in front of the World's Largest Scrapbook page, created by the very talented (and newly appointed CS contributing writer!), Karen Ellis.  I will be sharing photos later this week, or early next week!

Oct 14-15:  Printed photos for attendees, thanks to Sony's generous donation of their new S-Frame printer (DPP-F800).  Thanks to Paige for stepping in and helping me out on Saturday by printing photos for me, while I was teaching my class!  For those folks who were photographed too late in the day to receive a photo (we ran out of time!), I will be emailing you the .jpg files this week!

Oct 15:  Taught another great group of people this year on Saturday!  The rain kept up from heading outside to put the lessons into practice, but we will managed to have a Q&A session in the vestibule!

Oct 15:  Had a great time at dinner after the show with my friends! :)  Lots of laughter, rude jokes and tummy-aches from the belly laughs!

Oct 16:  Returned home to reality.  Made sure that Connor was packed and ready to go for his Ropes Leadership camping trip.

Oct 16:  Agreed to read the Prayers of the Faithful at my uncle's funeral mass, with my cousins, Margaret and David.  Gary was asked to be a pall bearer.

Oct 17-18:  Gary dropped Connor off at the bus for the leadership camp.  Mildly apprehensive about him, but so glad that he's getting the opportunity to learn new skills and face any fears.

Oct 17:  Attended the visitation on Monday night after work.  Finally broke down and wept for the gentle man who has been a big part of my life for so long.

Oct 18:  Got Aili off to school and attended the funeral.  Managed to read my lines without losing it.

Oct 18:  Back home to pick up Aili and headed into town to pick up Connor.  I went into work to prepare for my inventory the next day.  Worked till 8pm, but made it home in time to see Connor and heard all about his stay.  Love the enthusiasm and confidence he's exuding!

Oct 19:  Inventory Day!! 12.5 hr day, trying to prepare all reports so I didn't have to go back in on Thursday morning, before leaving for Toronto.  Plus, we received some shocking news that will result in some changes around there...

Oct 20:  Got up early, packed and headed into Toronto to set up for the CreativFestival.  Dinner out with my nephew, Cory, and his girlfriend to thank them for helping me!

Oct 21-23:  Worked the Canadian Scrapbooker booth at the CF.  So great to see my editor and co-founder of Canadian Scrapbooker, Jackie, again!!  Have missed that girl!  Also saw lots of other friends and met some new ones, including Brae's new baby girl, Ellery!  So. Darn. Cute.  Introduced Jackie to her new favourite shooter, Broken Down Golf Cart, or as she calls them, Broken Dump Trucks! :)

Oct 22-23:  Connor competed in the Richmond Hill Fall Classic swim meet - a silver medal, 2 bronze medals and fifth and sixth place ribbons.  I couldn't make it out to see him, but thanks to Sarah for driving out both days to watch!  He had a rough start to his relay race,which threw off his first individual race, but he took time off on all races - WTG, Connor!

Oct 24:  Headed back home in time to greet the kids after school!

Oct 25:  Back to work and news that three more stores have come open in the area.  Just when I think I may want to go back to work part-time...

So... now do you believe me that it's been a madhouse??  I have a few design team commitments to finish and will share some photos when I get a chance - don't forget to check back for the WeScrap Trick or Treat blog hop!

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  1. Oh wow, Sue, you really have been through it haven't you. So sorry to hear about your Uncle (((hugs))).
    Your children are doing well- good for them (and you and Gary as parents).
    As for work....I'm exhausted just reading about your 12 hour+ days.
    Wonderful that you were still able to get to Scrapfest etc - I'm sure being with friends will have done you some good.

    Slow down a little and take care of yourself.
    Hugs xx


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