Tuesday, January 17, 2012

46 Days

That's how long it's been since my last post.

I've had several people contact me to make sure I'm okay, because I haven't been blogging.  Thank you so much for your concern - you know who you are! {hugs}

All is well here in the Sykes family household.  Better than alright, really.  This is really the first time I have been putting fingertips to keyboard for any length of time since Christmas Eve, other than a perfunctory check on Facebook.

And you know what?  I don't miss it.

Not one bit.

Now, don't take that personally.  I do miss lots of things that being online affords me.  Like blogging.  And keeping in touch with my FB and forum friends.

And who am I fooling?  I miss Pinterest.

But only marginally.  While work has been keeping me busy since Christmas, I'm also spending my time doing more productive things.  Some things are not so much fun:  sorting and purging through the mountains of paperwork as a result of several businesses.  But it has motivated me to set up a home management system.  Still in the works, but I can already see that this is going to make this list-maker very very happy.  And organized.

So much has happened since Dec 2nd!  I'll be posting the a few of the highlights over the next few weeks to catch up.

Until then, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and all the best in 2012!!


  1. It's lovely to see you Sue!!!
    Just this morning I was thinking that I hadn't seen you online for a while....and I was hoping you were OK.
    I haven't been online much either and like you I haven't really missed it (apart from contact with friends and Pinterest!!lol) ..I've managed to find my mojo so am using the time gained to be creative.
    Happy 2012!!
    Hugs xx

  2. I've missed you Sue. Glad things are well. Just wanted to say hi!

  3. I think I have you beat. I haven't blogged since Hallowe'en. Glad you see you back online.

  4. Hey Sue, I'm glad that you've got things going - that admin system you're putting together sounds like something just about everyone could use! Ummm... I know I only completed 1 challenge though I printed out every one of them, but you could still pick me anyway ;)
    See you around - I'm sure 2012 will be a super exciting year for you, sounds like change is in store!


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