Thursday, June 07, 2012

So Excited to Share!

Remember how I mentioned that I had something new and exciting coming up?

Well, I'm happy to announce that the big day is here!

A few months ago, Jackie, my editor from Canadian Scrapbooker magazine, asked me to work with our web designer and create a new forum for our monthly It's a Sketchy Challenge.  Well, she did all of the hard work - I only had to troubleshoot and be bossy about what I wanted to see.  (Thanks, Jenn, for your patience!)

So I'd like to introduce you to our new It's a Sketchy Challenge forum!

If you've been playing along each month already, you can upload your previous designs up in the appropriate sections (here for April, and here for May).  Prior months' inspiration can be found on the old site here.

If this is all new to you, you can play along with our It's a Sketchy Challenge for June!  Check out the Before You Begin section, before you... well, begin!  And FAQs (frequently asked questions) can be found here to help you with any questions you may have.

Then you can begin!  You can view the sketch in the June 2011 section in the forum here.  Use the sketch directly as shown, or use it as a starting point to create something entirely different!  Everyone is welcomed to participate, but if you use a Canadian manufacturer (and list it in your supply list when uploading), then you will be eligible for a chance to be published in an upcoming issue of Canadian Scrapbooker magazine!  And who wouldn't like that?!

I hope you will all join me in playing along with the monthly challenges and in leaving some love for those who do upload their designs.  Can't wait to play long, too!


  1. Congrats Sue. I don't know of anyone else who could do this with as much panache and skill as you! I will certainly be playing along! Jackie sure knows what she is doing putting you in charge! :o)

  2. I love being able to upload my own photos because then I can go back and add to the gallery even if I miss the end of month deadline :D Great job


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