Thursday, July 19, 2012

Update on Gary

I've received so many messages and wall posts from concerned friends and family about Gary.  Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!

I will leave the entire tale for Gary to tell in his own words, once he's home, but will provide updates as we go, to let everyone know how he's doing.  If this is your first visit here and you're wondering what's going on, you can read more about it here.

During the night last night, Gary spiked a fever.  He's still feeling very fatigued but his cardiologist is happy with his progress so far.  They've managed to find the right dosage for the Heparin to keep his blood thin enough to avoid any more clots and his blood pressure is staying nice and low (which helps the heart to heal).

Because of the fever, they sent him down for chest X-rays.  He had developed a slight cough a few days ago, which they said was due to fluid in the lungs from the trauma to the heart.  Now when I hear fluid to the lungs and coughing, I automatically think, "pneumonia".  But no one seemed overly concerned.

Until the presence of the fever.

And guess what?  He has a slight case of pneumonia.  Go figure.  Ironically, Gary always teases me about going through post-secondary education for seven years, and that I should be a doctor by now...  They are starting him on a round of antibiotics to nip it in the bud right away.

And thankfully, we have FINALLY managed to get the gastroenterologist to look into his GI issues!  He was reluctant to do so, because as Sandy, the Cardiac Educator, always says: "That's why I love cardio - the heart trumps everything!"  But his cardiologist has given the go ahead so the gastroenterologist has ordered a GI X-ray for tomorrow so hopefully we will have answers to that soon after, because really, that's the only thing that is causing Gary any pain right now!

So there's where we are now... thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!  We are looking forward to being home together again and will take all the help we can get to get there!



  1. Hugs and prayers for Gary ,you and the kids!! I know about heart attacks , both my parents have had this for decades... my dad was in his 40's with his first... Sounds like it is a good thing that he has you around. I will be sending good vibes your way... Xx

  2. I appreciate the update, Sue. You guys have been on my mind.

  3. Continue with love and prayers for you and your family! Hugs!


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