Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Fridays - Sept 21

As much as I liked Flirty Fridays, I was scrolling through my blog last week and came across so many cute blog posts with stories about the kids and cute photos so I thought I'd remind myself about them with FlashBack Fridays!!  I know, not as much fun as Flirty Fridays, but I'm hoping it will remind me to share more stories rather than just layouts, cards, dt projects and half-naked men.  

It makes me feel a bit more respectable, too!

Here's a post from July 10, 2006:

I forgot to post these adorable pics of the kids, taken at African Lion Safari.

The fierce tigress licks her lips as she watches her prey...

while the ferocious cheetah growls...

I know I may be biased - but aren't they just so gosh darn cute?!?! :)

Read on to hear about our trip...


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