Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scrapbook Studio Tour: Part II

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Welcome to the 360 Degree Tour! :)

Today, I'm going to share details and close-ups of the left (east) side of my room.  (The walls are still pretty bare - I still have artwork to go up!)

Click on images to view full size.  If you missed Part I of the tour, click here.

First the "boring" stuff (i.e. non-scrap related):

The 2x4 Expedite shelf unit (with desk attached) holds all of my "office" related items.  In the top 4 cubbies, I have the following:  
  • A three drawer Sterilite drawer unit that fits in the lower cubbie behind my monitor with office supplies (elastics, staples, Post-its, etc).  
  • A three shelf filing tray for 1) bills to pay; 2) papers to file and 3) items of interest to review sooner, rather than later.  
  • A wicker basket with larger office supply items (labeler, tape dispenser, etc)
  • Our home management binder.  (This is something new we've started this school year - if it's successful, I will share details later!)
  • Photos of the kids!
In the lower four shelves, I have a basket for recycling, a CD binder of photo backups and some extra storage boxes.  It's very hard to reach the back two shelves without resorting to crawling around on the floor so I don't use them much.

On the top of the unit, I have a framed photo of my entire family, taken in Oct 2004 before my mom passed away  It is the only photo we have of us all together since Aili was born in Aug 2004 and she passed away in December that same year.  There's also a mini album that I made of our wedding and a basket full of other mini albums and circle journals.

And onto the good stuff! ;)

The 2x2 Expedite to the right of my desk houses the following (clockwise from top left):

  • T-bin with sewing paraphernalia (thread, needles, bobbins, etc.)
  • Embroidery floss, wrapped on cards and stored in a divided box (left over from my cross-stitch days!)
  • Small Kassett box with Sew-Easy tool and accessories, stitching templates, mousepad and pushpin (for pre-stitching)
  • All of my Canadian Scrapbooker issues along with copies of any other magazines in which I was published.
  • Large Kasset box with scrap material
  • 2 small Kassett boxes with my lesser used cutting tools and a Dymo labeller and various coloured tapes
  • 13x13x3 box with as-of-yet U.F.O.'s (unfinished objects).

On top of the unit, I store:

  • My ancient Singer sewing machine, that's been with me since 1993! Still works, though - they don't make things now like they used to...
  • A metal urn (from a wedding table centerpiece!) filled with twine and vintage lace, rolled on wooden spools
  • Egg-shaped candy jar, for my peanut M&Ms or JellyBellys, which is always raided by my kids and their friends...
  • Glass vase full of buttons
  • 4x4 canvas created for a LYL project

Next to the shelf, I have a rolling cart with 15-13x13x1 drawers!  I found this at Costco a few years ago and had my Just Cre8 kits in it, separated by month - it was perfect!  I have since moved my stamps/inks into it - the bottom drawers contain all of my Stampin' Up wooden stamps:

The remaining drawers hold my cube inks, organized in rainbow order:

My larger ink pads:

My specialty inks, combo ink pads and lesser used pads:

My wooden alpha stamps:

Other drawers contain supplies like my Stamp-a-ma-jig, stamp cleaners and disposable hospital gloves (for stamping done the night before a wedding or event when you don't want inky fingers!) or seldom-used acrylic stamps.

On top of the cart is a woven basket full of cards (sorted by occasion for easy picking), a candle and my new paper-mache S, just waiting to be altered...

And finally, my favourite part... Molly!  I found her on clearance at JCPenny for $70, plus I had an online coupon for 20% off so I ordered her and had her shipped to the closest store in Michigan!  I hope to find time to actually decorate her, rather than just hang my teaching/trade show badges all over her!

If you look closely though, she's doing double duty - my Donna Downey large foam stamps were too heavy for my Clip-It-Up so I hung them on one of Molly's swirls (on right)!

Finally, at her feet, I have a large bin that I picked up on clearance at Michaels - it's perfect for Cropper Hopper sleeves filled with random excess kit/page papers so when I need to create a card really quick, I just grab one!  I also have my completed pages, not yet put into my binders in here, in page protectors.

Whew!  Did you make it to the end?!  I will be back next Tuesday, continuing with the 360 Degree Tour!  (ETA:  Click here for Part III)


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  1. WOW!!!First I had to go look at part 1...my gosh girl you room looks amazing!!Love the quote, dress form, and all that gorgeous storage...wow...should just say I love it all!Look forward to your next post!!


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