Sunday, November 04, 2012

Seven Sunday Blessings: Nov 4

This week, I am thankful...

1.  That my final inventory is over and done!!  And that they all went very well...

2.  That I had a fairly productive week in the creative department:  4 projects done towards my DT assignments = more memories documented!

3.  For Christine's delicious cupcakes this weekend - although my behind is not too thankful!  Nor will my calves when I subject them to the treadmill tomorrow...

4.  That the weather held out for my drive to and home from CropFest - although I did drive through some rain in London that looked suspiciously like snowflakes hitting the windshield!

5.  That Connor had a fabulous time at his Sea Cadet weekend at Kiwanis Camp in Kingsville.  He talked about it non-stop through dinner (detail-heavy on the food they ate, more than the activities they did, with the exception of the Capture the Flag game...played in the dark! :))

6.  That Aili and Gary had a great weekend, just the two of them, playing outside and just "be-ing" together.

7.  That our relatives in NY and PA, and the beachhouse in NJ, emerged unscathed and safe in Hurricane Sandy's wake.  Keeping the family and friends of all those who perished in our thoughts and prayers this week...

What are YOU thankful for this week?


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