Sunday, December 02, 2012

Seven Sunday Blessings: Dec 2

This week, I am thankful:

1. For Christmas.  And Christmas parties.  And holiday drinks.  Not particularly in that order, either...

2.  For buttercream frosting.  (Isn't everyone?)

3.  For Edna's broasted chicken (Edna's place = local diner).  Delish.  I also love that they sent it home in a re-useable container, asking us to just return it when we can!  The beauty of the small town...

4. That we have had pretty mild weather this winter, so far.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts!

5.  For my Cameo (again!)  Helped me make the cutest banner for my brother-in-law's birthday cupcake/cake!  (Insta-gram photos to follow later...)

6.  For YNAB (again!).  Helping us to keep our credit cards current (so hard to do at Christmas!) and save for a vacation in the new year!  (Save 10% by ordering here - download a 34-day trial version first... you will love it!)

7.  For my hubster and kidlets.  I don't think I tell them enough.


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  1. i'm intrigued over this YNAB you must tell me more about it over the holidays


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