Friday, January 04, 2013

Flirty Fridays: Sexiest Dads Alive v.2012

Note:  I'm taking a break from Free Font Fridays with a special installment of Flirty Fridays! :)

Late in 2012, I came across an online gallery:  Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Dads 2012.  Here's their list:
Ben Affleck
Chris Hemsworth
Matthew McConnaughey
Orlando Bloom
Tom Brady

Now, I know my new friend, Kelly Goree, would agree with the last one of the bunch, but I don't agree with that list at all.  Not if we're talking sexiest, and not best!  (Not to imply of course that any of the ones on my list AREN'T wonderful fathers, but I'm talking pure eye candy here, people...)

Okay, So here's the (un)official Sue Sykes' Top Five Sexiest-Eye-Candy Celebrity Dads 2012:

1.  Matthew McConnaughey

Well, my long time readers know about my little love affair with this luscious specimen of male yumminess.  You may have heard me lust over talk about him before...  And what's not to love?  The sexy drawl, the beautiful bone structure, the swagger... *swoon*

And then he met HER.  His baby mama.  And the attraction, I have to say, cooled.  Maybe because he wasn't an available bachelor anymore, or maybe because I had always hoped that he and Sandra Bullock would hook up again.  Either way, I wasn't gaga for the sexy Texan anymore.

Until of course, he took his shirt off.  Again.  And I don't think he's put it back on since, has he?

And HELLO!?!  What about "Dallas"?  Yes, please!

(Do those pants make anyone else blush?!?)  

2. David Beckham

There's something about Golden Balls himself that just oozes sexiness.  The knowing smirk, the golden skin...

The incredible physique and ink...

And let's face it, the man really rocks morning dress:

Even if his baby mama is a toothpick with cantaloupes...

Moving on.

3.  Johnny Depp

What is it about this fresh faced man that is so appealing?  Lots of things.  The high cheekbones.  The soulful eyes.  The I-don't-give-a-damn-what-Hollywood-thinks attitude.

He plays the GUITAR, people!!

And let's not forget that he will forever be immortalized for this awesome role:

Oh yeah.  And the pirate one.

4.  Mark Wahlberg.

Let's face it, those of you who are MY age (and by my age, I mean in-your-30s-or-40s-but-still-feel-like-you-are-in-your-20s) all remember Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

And then Calvin got a hold of him... and his guns.  But couldn't lose the perpetual frown.

Fast forward 20 years and our little boy is all growed up now!  And much more handsome, in my opinion.

5.  Chris Hemsworth.

Swoon.  The Australian accent, the piercing blue eyes, the incredible body.  What's not to love??

And the man can rock the long hair and cape like nobody's business...

So I agree with TWO of the five - but I like my list a whole lot more! :)

Who are your top five celeb dads?


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  1. Oh my, I love Friday's even more now that I can come here and take a look at your Flirty Fridays post! #2, #3 & #4 for me! But hey, where's Kid Rock? Just kidding (I know I'm an anomaly when it comes to him).
    Happy New Year Sue!! xo

  2. I am not sure about Beckham but agree with most of the others..Love Mark Wahlburg.
    I also have a big old crush on Dwayne Johnston aka The Rock!!

  3. Thanks for the eye candy Sue :) I haven't found the sexiest dad photo would be the one where the dad is doing laundry, vacuuming and cooking supper. lol


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