Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Resolutions 2013

Every year, many, if not most of us, make resolutions in January.  We're going to eat less, move more, work less, vacation more... There are lists of accomplishments that we would like to do.

I am no exception.

This year, however, I am going to change things a bit and add a twist on my resolutions.  Not only am I going to list specific resolutions, but I am going to set mini goals, to help me keep my resolutions.  Here's my list:

1.  Eat Less, Move More
I love this concept by Cathy Zielske, who shared her journey towards fitness on her blog.  And her honesty over gaining some of the weight back.

Let's face it, fitness is not a goal that you can reach and then forever be thin/healthy/strong.  It's a lifestyle.  And at 45, it will be hard.

Damn hard.

But I'm going to commit to setting small goals and while I may never be a size six, I WILL be healthier and stronger than I am now.

2.  Simplify
Every year, I have good intentions to simplify our lives.  This is the year!!

This year, I resolve to set up a schedule to purge through our closets, cupboards and rooms and return to the basics.  Do we really need 14 extra pillows?  Is the cost of storing that whatchamacallit worth it, for that one time we MAY need it?

A-purging I will go...

3.  Make More Time for the Important Things
Not only do we seem to accumulate "stuff" throughout the year, but we (and by we, I mean me) tend to overcommit ourselves and not find time for the important things in life.  Family.  Friends.  Laughter.  Joy.

So everything this year goes on a family calendar, with family time, visits with friends, scrapbooking time, play dates and date nights all taking precedence...

4.  Make More Time for Creativity
Pinterest has opened up a world of ideas and usually kick-starts my creativity - as long as I don't get sucked in, and find myself pinning items for 2 hours!

So this year, we are going to attempt to create at least ONE pinned item a week month (see #3 above).  Whether it's a home decor project, a card or just a recipe, we're going to make those pinning hours count!

(Here's a sneak peek at Week 1's project!)

5.  Complete a Project 365
I was emailing an old friend the other day, catching up on our lives and wanted to send her a link to recent photos of the kids on my blog.

I was appalled to find that I had to go back to the beginning of September!  When did I stop taking photos?  When did my blog become overrun with projects and memes and DT commitments?

This year, although it's a big task, I'm going to commit to taking one photo a day, even if it's with my iPhone (although I'm going to try to use my 300S more this year).  Documenting life is so important - we think we will always remember the moment forever, but it's so easy to lose it.

6.  Complete 26 Acts of Kindness.
Any loss of life is a tragedy, but the Newtown, CT massacre last year struck a chord in many of us.  To honour each life that was lost, we are committed to joining this movement in an effort to overrule evil with kindness.  I want to teach the kids to be mindful of others, and to be grateful for all that we have.  What better way than to encourage them to pay it forward?

This year, we will come up with 26 (or more) Random Acts of Kindness that we can do as a family.  It may be as simple as paying for the coffee for the person behind us in the Tim Horton's drive thru line.  Or as generous as to leave a $20 tip for a struggling waiter/waitress.  I will share our 26 acts throughout the year.

And there you have it.  I'm going to leave my resolutions at six, for now.  I don't want to overcommit and set myself up for failure before I even begin (see #3)... ;)

What do you resolve to do in 2013?


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