Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project 365: Jan 2-5

Since my OCD tendencies like me to work on a Sunday to Saturday schedule, I'll be posting the 7 photos ending Saturdays on my Project 365 Wednesdays. :)  So here's Wed through Sat!

ETA:  This was SUPPOSED to be a Wednesday post... SOMEBODY (and I won't mention any names) forgot to publish it... I'm such a wienie.

Wed, Jan 2:
 Connor's scuba lesson with Benthic Scuba Centre

Thurs, Jan 3:
Mixed Media Canvas project

Fri, Jan 4:

Aili discovered rub-ons!

Sat, Jan 5:
A visit to the hair salon for Aili and I today.

I've sketched out a few different layouts and am hoping to complete a page with each week's photos... So, to keep the colours consistently muted, I've used The Pioneer Woman's Soft & Faded action on each photo.  You can download all of her actions on her blog here.


P/S:  Don't forget about the following challenges on my blog for a chance to win:
It's a Sketchy Challenge (deadline:  Jan 31/12)
Leave Your Legacy: What You Fear Most (deadline:  Feb 28/13)

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