Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bite The Bullet!

If you're a long time reader of the blog, you know that we purchased living room furniture last September (yep, 2011) but what you may not know is that up until a month or so ago, we had STILL not painted our living room!

Please don't judge.

 I  We did, as I mentioned, stop by Home Depot to pick up paint swatches.  And  I  we did choose a paint colour that was perfect for the walls.

And then... School started.  And swim practices (5x's a week).  And swim meets.  That little folder of colour possibilities got shoved to the wayside and buried in a drawer over Christmas and the ensuing winter.  The topic came up, but then was bypassed for a new bed for Connor, new tires for the Mustang, continuing renovations on my room...

But it finally happened.  We finally made it into the paint department, only to second guess  my  our choice and to be completely befuddled on how to handle the painting.  You see, our house is open concept and with a three-sided fireplace, there is no real break between the rooms.  Which means painting the living room, also means painting the dining room.

Which then has to match the kitchen.

Whose counters (which I abhor) are of a completely different palette than the living room furniture!

So we buried our heads in the sand and put the painting off a while longer.

And then we had a major upheaval in our lives last summer and once again, painting was pushed aside.

Until now.  We bit the bullet and got down to business.  We bought the paint, shoved the furniture into the middle of the room and decided to tackle the long wall to make sure the colour suited the room.


I am in love.

The colour is called Sesame, and it's a warm gold colour.  It's the perfect colour for the furniture - I should have never second-guessed my first instinct!

It works beautifully with the maple hardwood floors and fireplace mantle:

I think our wrought iron decor is going to look gorgeous over the fireplace!!  It's very similar to this:
I think I'm going to paint the front wall (with the large windows) in a warm rust colour, which is the contrasting colour in the couch.  It will break up all of the dark brown from the leather chairs and wood and add a focal point to the room:

It looks so nice that we had to go out and buy new dining room furniture too! ;)  It was just delivered on Saturday:

Of course, now the problem is that I want to carry on and finish the kitchen!!  I'm thinking dark granite counters to go with the maple cupboards, and to tie the light with the dark furniture in the open space...

Sigh.  Looks like I'll be working full time for a while still...  :)


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  1. Looks great...if you don't mind the drive Custom Granite and Marble in Stoney creek does a great job and does jobs all over Ontario. My husband does the measuring for them.


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